Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

After spending two days recovering from the flu, I’m back with a Holiday Gift Guide for Him.  I made this with my husband, C., in mind.  Many of the items are on his wishlist and of course I took the liberty of adding a few ideas of my own.  These gifts would also work for your dad, brother or brother in law.  

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1. YETI Rambler

My dad has a YETI cooler and if this rambler is similar, your man should be able to keep a drink hot or cold in this for a week.  Okay, that may be bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean.

2. Bluetooth shower speaker

My husband loves listening to his tunes in the shower.  However, in order for him to hear it he has to blast it from his iPhone.  With this speaker, he can play it at an appropriate volume without driving me insane.  Perfect for when you have different taste in music.

3. Pajama pants

The perfect pair of holiday jammies.  Who can resist a man in buffalo check?

4. Duffle bag

A masculine duffle bag for a fun weekend getaway.

5. AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth

Remember the world before Bluetooth?  I have remnant of that era sitting in my kitchen that reminds me every day.  Yes, we still have a big clunky iHome FM radio that physically connects to Apple devices with the pre-Lightening cable attachment.  I have begged my husband to get rid of it but he maintains that the dog wouldn’t be able to listen to the radio when we’re out of the house.  Yes, our dog listens to our local country music station.  This beauty has an AM/FM radio, connects to devices via Bluetooth and looks pretty darn cool.  Problem solved.

6. Nintendo Classic Mini

Get nostalgic with your man and play 21 classic games including but not limited to Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy VI, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Super Mario World.  Also includes two controllers and an HDMI cable.

7. Harry’s Starter Set

I’d love to buy my husband some healthy shaving cream but he’s stubborn and likes this stuff instead.  It must be good then right?  This starter set includes weighted rubberized handle, five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shave gel and travel blade cover for $8.  If your man enjoys the products can subscribe to a “Shave Plan’ to continue receiving blades and shaving cream at regular intervals.

8. Henley

This handsome cotton henley comes in 7 colours and both tall and regular sizes.

9. Past Tense by Lee Child

Gotta love a man that reads.  My husband is in law enforcement and favours crime and spy thrillers like this latest instalment in the Jack Reacher series.  As an alternative, you could try Line of Sight by Tom Clancy. 

10. Portable charger

For when his phone runs out of juice.

11. Wayfarers

A stylish pair of shades.  One day I will get my husband wearing these.

12. Blundstones

This just in.  You do not need to be a hipster to wear Blundstones.  My husband’s tired, aching feet are begging for them.  You guys, these boots are the comfiest boots that will grace your tender tootsies.

13. Moccasins

Yes, shearling lined moccasins are all the rage but if your man runs warm like mine, those are a very very bad idea.  His feet will sweat and he won’t be happy.  Get these wonderful, unlined Canadian made moccasins instead.  His feet will thank you.

Well I guess that’s it folks.  I hope you enjoyed reading my gift guides as much as I enjoyed creating them.  It’s certainly fun sharing all of my finds!  Now all I have to do is a wrap a few more presents.   How about you?

Are you done your shopping and wrapping?

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