How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in Canada

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us and about to break Instagram. This sale is great because you can shop Nordstrom’s new arrivals at limited-time low prices. You can count on your favourite brands and the hottest trends being part of this sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in Canada really is the biggest fashion event of the year so be sure to check out the Anniversary Style Up and Full Anniversary Sale Catalogue for inspiration and what’s on sale.

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in Canada?

The card’s the key. Nordstrom cardmembers are given “Early Access” to the Sale. Because this sale is so huge, many hot items sell out super fast. Being a cardmember allows you to shop the sale before the rest of the public, giving you a better chance of scoring all of the items on your wish list before they sell out.

  • Early Access
    • US: July 12 – 18
    • Canada: July 16 – 18
  • Anniversary Sale: July 19 – August 4
  • Prices go up on August 5.

Nordstrom Rewards Card

How do I Get Early Access?

To get Early Access in Canada, you need to have “Ambassador” status in Nordstrom’s Rewards Program, The Nordy Club of Canada. There are two ways of achieving this.

  1. You could go to your your local Nordstrom and ask any salesperson to get you started for free… sort of. To get “Ambassador” status you need to spend $5000+ at Nordstrom each year. If you don’t spend that much at Nordstrom in a year (I know I sure don’t), fear not there is a plan b.
  2. Apply for a no-fee Nordstrom Visa. If you’re approved, you automatically achieve “Ambassador” rank without having to spend $5000 at Nordstrom each year. To make it even more worth-while, you can earn 3 points per dollar on your Nordstrom purchases, unlock benefits like Personal Double Points Days AND you’ll get a $40 bonus Note when you make any Nordstrom purchase on your new card the day you’re approved! Of course the best time to spend this Nordstrom Note is during the Anniversary Sale. Obviously, this is the route I took.

How do I shop?

While Americans cardmembers with Early Access can shop the sale online (and have been doing so for about an hour now at the time of writing this post), Canadians can’t. Getting Early Access as a Canadian means we need to shop at a physical Nordstrom Canada store. If you live near a Nordstrom store, good on you and have fun shopping on July 16.

I however live 2 hours away from the closest Nordstrom and will not be making a trip just to shop the sale. If you’re like me, the only way we can take advantage of it is to wait for public access on July 18 and shop the sale online. Of course by this time, Early Access will have wrapped up in the US and God only knows what stock will be left. But hey that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Obviously, if they don’t have your colour or size by that time – it’s just not meant to be.

So Do I Really Need a Nordstrom Visa?

Now that I’ve made the decision to wait for public access and shop online, I realize I don’t need my Nordstrom Visa. If you don’t plan on going to a physical Nordstrom Canada Store for Early Access between July 16-18, I wouldn’t bother getting one either. Just join The Nordy Club of Canada for free, and spend as much or as little as you want at Nordstrom to rise through the ranks at a rate that’s comfortable to you.

I realize now this is more of a diary entry about my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping woes than a “How-To” but I feel that the sale is catered more to Americans, leaving me confused about how to take advantage of it as a Canadian. If you were a confused as I was, I hope this post cleared things up for you!

So what are your plans for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

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