Holiday Home Decor Favourites: 2018

Holiday Home Decor Favourites

It’s that time of year – my favourite time of year!  The house is decorated, my gifts are wrapped and Christmas music is on repeat.  When the sun comes up I plan on taking photos of our decor and whipping up a holiday house tour blog post!  In the meantime, I’m rounding up ALL of my holiday home decor favourites of the season right here for you!

You’ll notice a lot of the items are from Target.  Yes, I went a little Target crazy but when you live in a rural town (two hours away from the big city!) – a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  I’d usually avoid ordering items from the States but the truth is, I just couldn’t find similar items in any Canadian store!  Luckily, for a limited time Target is offering duty free shipping for orders over $100 CAD through Borderfree.  So what are you waiting for?  Get shopping, girl!

1. Patterned Tea Towels

I wanted some cute tea towels for the holidays and these beauties from H&M look so cute hanging over the oven and dishwasher handles.  I also purchased this 2-pack, but it looks like it sold out now.

2. Mercury Glass Trees

I needed something to brighten up our bar cart so after seeing something similar on Brooke from Nesting With Grace’s mantle, I ordered this tall, silver mercury glass tree from Target’s Enchanted Eve Collection.  Fingers crossed that it arrives before Christmas!  They also have a smaller tree here.

3. Burlap Wrapped Tree

This cutie comes in three different sizes.  I dropped the smallest one into in a red and black buffalo check camp mug and put it on our kitchen counter.

4. Preserved Boxwood Garland

Brooke from Nesting With Grace makes me spend all my money.  Like her, I draped this preserved boxwood garland around a window cut-out above our kitchen sink that looks out into what C. and I affectionately call “The Fireroom”.  The view may not be pretty, but this garland sure adds a little Christmas cheer to our kitchen.

5. Wooden Bead Garland

I contemplated making my own wooden bead garland, but I bought this garland from Target’s Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Collection instead because let’s face it, Joanna just does it better anyways.

6. Bottle Brush Tree

I love these trees but the only ones I could find were pink and blue and that’s just not my style.  This large bottle brush tree from Target is the perfect shade of green.  I originally had it on our bar cart but now it’s on the side table beside our couch.  It’s so versatile it can go anywhere!

7. Pom Pom Garland

I needed something to decorate our headboard so I picked this cute pom pom garland up from Canadian Tire and wound a set up fairy lights around it.  While I don’t think C. is a fan, I can’t resist cuddling up with a good book under the fairy lights before bed.

8. Faux Fur Stocking

C. won’t be happy about this purchase, considering just a few years ago I purchased two really cute black and red buffalo check stockings for us.  The truth is, everyone on Instagram has white/cream stockings and so I want some too. I also picked up this one.

9. Reindeer Cushion Cover

H&M continues to be my go-to source for cute and affordable cushion covers.   My husband hates all of my throw pillows but as an avid hunter, I feel he shouldn’t complain about this one.  I also purchased this cushion cover but it looks like it’s sold out.

Other Holiday Home Decor Favourites

  • Red Berry Garland: We don’t have a mantle in our living room – just a TV console. I’d love to drape a bushy, green garland over it but God forbid I block the PS4, satellite receiver and Bose.  This red berry garland (wrapped with fairy lights of course) is unobtrusive and helps transform the console into a holiday worthy pseudo-mantle.
  • Red Berry with Leaf Stem: I put this in a vase on our bathroom counter for a bright pop of colour.
  • Needle Pine with Pinecone Stem and White Berry Stem: Kendall from Styled Snapshots gave me this idea on her stories.  I dropped them both into a vase in our kitchen.

I live with a Veteran so out of respect I don’t decorate for Christmas until after Remembrance Day.  

So when did you decorate?  After Remembrance Day?  December 1st?

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